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26 August 2015

Pensieri - Feelings (M.Lermontov-215)

Se da un uomo 
una donna vuole sicurezza,
amore,amicizia, complicit√°,
non crediate che l'uomo sia diverso.
Chi ama la propria donna,
oltre a darle quanto richiesto,
in silenzio chiede pure egli un qualcosa.
Solo se entrambi i partners sono in grado 
di dare vicendevolmente queste cose,
allora la coppia √© solo un unico essere che ama

If by a man
a woman wants security,
support, understanding, passion,
love, friendship, complicity,
do not believe that man is different.
He who loves his woman,
besides providing the requirements,
silent yet he asks something.
Only if both partners are able
to give each other these things,
then the pair was only one being who loves

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