Dance with love, never stop to dance...


12 June 2014


If I was silent before
for the sake of peace,
Now I speak of true love that exists.
If before I was good and calm
for fear of doing harm,
Now I am a realist and I demand
even by those who have always said yes.
If all went well for me before,
not to have to fight,
Now I ask you, impose, Investigate,
because it is not right
I did everything
and the life has taken away you .

 Se prima tacevo
per amore del quieto vivere,
ora parlo per amore del vero che esiste.
Se prima ero buono e calmo
per timore di fare del male,
ora sono realista e pretendo
anche da chi ho sempre detto sì.
Se prima per me tutto andava bene,
per non dover litigare,
ora chiedo, impongo, investigo,
perchè non è giusto
aver fatto tutto
e la vita mi ha tolto te.

the wind

The wind that shakes the valleys,
between the steep mountains now without snow
I would like to dishevel your hair,
get up your skirts,
it moving us up in a whirl without end,
but deep down I know that will not bring me anywhere,
and then, I remain,
I remain with you.
Quel vento che sconvolge le valli,
tra gli irti monti or privi di neve
vorrei scompigliasse i tuoi capelli,
alzasse le tue gonne,
ci trasportasse in un turbine senza fine,
ma che in fondo so non mi porterà in nessun luogo,
e allora rimango,
rimango da te.



I want to run in the steppe
that I see through your eyes,
in the saddle of the finest horse
of your country
and with it lose myself
in the tundra of your love
always greener than ever