Dance with love, never stop to dance...


11 March 2011

un omaggio a due lingue molto differenti

 Just like to fire Butterfly
 I rushed invincibly and eager
 Towards the magic kingdom Love
 Where  I would be called beloved
 Where incomparable each day
 And I'd never know foul weather
 For Love is wonderful land
 Wonderful land
 It's only there one can be happy
 I have to go I will continue later
 As life would have it, time's changed
 You either gone or lie too easy
 I understood the place called Love
 Is where everyone's pretending
To be so eager and naive
 Is not my fault but my misfortune
 Love is such deceptive place
 And everyone in there's a liar
 Why do I cry in front of you
 While I can't help look at you smiling
 His cheating place that they call Love
 Where everyone is a betrayer
 But grass will grow once again
 Through all obstacles and troubles
 It's full of spring this place called Love
 It's only there one can be happy

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